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How to Bake Without Oil

Want to bake some healthy plant-based goodies? Learn how to replace the oil in your favourite recipes, with this simple guide to oil-free baking substitutes.

If you're adopting a healthy plant-based lifestyle, one of the best ways to treat yourself is with some wholesome home-baked goods! You can use just about any vegan recipe, but you'll need to learn how to replace the oil or butter used in order to make it a healthy whole-foods version. Here are my top substitution tips:


Unsweetened Applesauce

This can be used as an oil substitute in cakes, muffins, and soft-baked cookies. Use 1/3 of a cup of applesauce to replace every 1/2 cup of oil or margarine. Applesauce will not help you achieve the right consistency in crisp or thin cookies, however- for this we recommend using whole nut butters instead.


Whole Nut Butters

Nut butters such a sunflower, almond and cashew work especially well in cookies. Remember to look for varieties with no added oil. Use an equal amount of nut butter to replace the margarine or oil in a recipe. If the nut butter is particularly stiff, stir one or two tablespoons of soy milk into the measured amount before using. Cashew butter works excellently, as it has a very subtle flavour. Sunflower and almond butters are also great, but will impart a slight nuttiness to the final product. (Keep in mind that nut butters are not a suitable option for those with nut allergies, or those who need to follow a strict low-fat diet.)


Silken Tofu

You can blend silken tofu and use it as an oil substitute in cookies, muffins, cakes and brownies. It's ideal for denser products, and is best used in baked goods with strong flavours, such as chocolate or banana. Use 1/3 of a cup of pureed silken tofu to replace every 1/2 cup of oil or margarine.


Aqua Faba

This is the liquid from canned chickpeas or white beans. The flavour is actually surprisingly neutral, and the consistency is very similar to that of vegetable oil. This is great for use in cookies, cakes, muffins, bars and slices - just about everything really! Use an equal amount of aqua faba to replace the oil in any recipe.


Pureed Pumpkin

You can use pureed pumpkin or sweet potato for scones, muffins and loaves. Use 1/3 cup of mashed pumpkin to replace every 1/2 cup of oil or margarine. Keep it mind that this is really only an option if you want the final product to have a pumpkin-y flavour!


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Article photo courtesy of Dinner Series via Flickr